The challenges of the cybersecurity field are as fluid as the profession itself. As new technologies develop and alter organisations’ network security standards, the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Businesses in all industries must urge their IT teams to strengthen their cybersecurity architecture and give relevant cybersecurity training to all key decision-makers in the organisation, as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and scope of 5G technology is further introduced.

5 New Cybersecurity Challenges in 2022 | Greenlight Cyber

Businesses must safeguard their assets and ensure that their employees are constantly prepared to respond to a cyber-attack if they want to go forward securely and avoid losses at the hands of cyber-criminals or malevolent threat actors. In general, as bad actors get more sophisticated, cybersecurity threats become more complicated. As a result, now is the time to put preventative measures in place and give cybercrime protection.

Getting Used to a Remote Workforce

As the Coronavirus wreaks havoc on communities around the world, many businesses are considering whether to reopen their offices or rely on a virtual staff. However, it is well known that the remote working model will have a part to play in the future of work.

The quantity and scope of cybersecurity issues for remote employees arise because of a dispersed work environment. Remote employees who use their home networks are far more likely to experience security breaches. In-person employees are protected by traditional office settings, whereas remote workers are more difficult to protect. When it comes to safeguarding remote workers and the firm itself at a remote location, our remote working checklist is an excellent place to start for businesses.

The Rise of 5G Applications

When 5G was first announced, many businesses were eager to capitalise on its applications, whether they were mobile phone carriers selling it to their consumers or manufacturers hoping to boost operational efficiency. New technologies, on the other hand, introduce new threats that must be addressed, and cybersecurity specialists must keep an eye out for prospective attacks on these evolving networks.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency attacks

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are expanding at a rapid pace and attracting more attention than ever before. Because crypto transactions are digital, it is only natural to implement cybersecurity precautions to prevent identity theft, security breaches, and other potential risks.

The last thing an investor, a crypto exchange, or corporation dealing with blockchain, and cryptocurrency wants is for their data to be compromised. As a result, businesses must actively consider investing in their IT infrastructure and preparing for a cybersecurity attack.

Cyber-threats to the Internet of Things (IoT)

For those who are new to the Internet of Things (IoT), it is the connection of physical things using various sensors that communicate with one another. As more data is transferred between devices, holes may form, allowing hackers and other cybercriminals to exploit the data.

While linked devices are praised for their ease of use and intelligence, they also give an additional avenue for hackers to infiltrate networks. Businesses must remain ahead of the curve as the world becomes more linked by having a solid cybersecurity architecture and a specialised IT team.

Increasingly sophisticated phishing scams

Even though more individuals are becoming digitally literate, cybersecurity experts say phishing remains a global problem.

During the pandemic alone, there have been many allegations of bogus vaccine emails circulating, and unfortunately, internet users continue to fall victim to phishing tactics. Companies can secure their employees even if they work from home by implementing access control policies. Cybersecurity training and awareness are essential components in defending your firm from phishing attacks.

While there will be many more difficulties to be aware of in 2021, this list is an excellent place to start for firms who are serious about cybersecurity.

There’s no disputing that the last several years have been turbulent. In the subject of cybersecurity, new technologies always present new difficulties that must be addressed on an ongoing basis. At Greenlight Cyber we help businesses stay ahead of the competition and maintain company continuity by safeguarding vital information and assets with adequate training and a solid cybersecurity strategy.

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