most common leaked passwords for the uk

It is a cardinal sin to keep your passwords the same everywhere or logged down in a notepad. It’s worse yet if you use one of the most common – see below.


Strong Password Tips

With more accounts being needed every day, it can become hard to remember all the passwords, especially if you don’t use the account regularly! So, what are the tips that we can share so you have a strong password that you can remember?

  1. The longer the password, the better. Try to avoid letters throughout, as dictionary attacks could infiltrate such credentials. A dictionary attack is letting a computer try countless combinations of words from a dictionary until it gets in – they can do it quicker than you’d think! Phrases, song lyrics, or the first letters of a famous lyric for example can work great – just be sure to follow our other tips to make your password as strong as possible.
  2. Add numbers and symbols in place of characters. This will help to make it harder for bots to guess your password.
  3. Always add two factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security. If bots can guess your password, then if your multi-factor is tied to your phone, at least there is another level of security beyond that password infiltration attempt.
  4. Finally, a great way to remember is to use password tools like LastPass. These provide a convenient, secure way to keep your passwords saved in one secure location. LastPass uses a zero-knowledge algorithm, meaning that even if LastPass were to get hacked, there would still be no breach of passwords as they are encrypted with individual user passwords. On top, LastPass has security dashboards that let you see the users that have the weak, repeating passwords through their accounts. It even goes as granular as to which shared folders of credentials are most prone to being hacked!

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